The Momtaz Bell Gostar chemical industry company (Delta adhesive) was founded in 2001 after 40 years of experience in adhesive production and management, Mr. Mostafa Norouzadeh and Mr. Mohsen Pour Rahmat. The Delta adhesive has been developed to meet the needs of today’s society and to meet consumer expectations, with the slogan “ancient experience, new thinking” in the field of adhesive production, has made significant advances. The company produces various types of industrial, general and construction adhesives for various uses, in terms of quality in accordance with international standards, competitive with foreign similar products. Delta adhesive during it’s activity period, emphasizing the development and improvement of product quality, and relying on quality control and equipped laboratory unit with utilization efficient human resources, producing and delivering different products to the needs of customers. Delta adhesive managers and engineers have been focused on improving the quality of production and maintaining customer interest since the start of activity, and thus the Delta adhesive production is widely accepted by retailers and consumers.
The Momtaz Bell Gostar Chemical Industry Company, also announce the launch of the highest capacity for the production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases in liquid and gas form in Iran. Delta Gas has begun its activity in the field of production medical, industrial and laboratory gases and provides all services related to this industry since 2014. This company, utilizing the technologies of the day and experienced and qualified Iranian personnel is trying to maintain the national independence in this industry and keep up day by day growing trend of control and increase the quality of the various types of production gases and the production of some parts required according to national and international standards. This company beside it’s products also servicing and providing technical advice on installation of a variety of production, distribution and quality control gas systems. Delta is also a member of the association of medical and industrial gases manufacturers of Iran and uses their experiences and ideas to upgrade their collection.